R&M Sheetmetal Nowra Metal Roofing prides itself on exceptional service and workmanship to provide quality products to suit our customers' needs.

We cater for a wide range of specialised metal and fabrication solutions including the manufacture of metal flashings and trims, stainless steel work benches, kitchen benches and hoods, fittings and toolboxes to supply all your roofing and guttering and rainwater products.

Commercial | Industrial | Domestic.

Sheet Metal Fabrication


At R&M Sheetmetal, we have the experience and equipment to make light work of all your sheet metal fabrication needs. Our onsite machinery includes CNC Press Brake max 6m and max 3m folders and max 2.5m Guillotines and we work within .55 to a 3mm gauge thickness.

Our specialised equipment allows us to provide our clients with products to match their exact specifications. Attention to detail combined with many years of industry experience ensures we produce superior products to within a 0.5mm tolerance.

Versatility means we are able to service the fabrication requirements of industry, commercial trades, homeowners and DIY enthusiasts. We also offer all types of welding service including mig, tig and aluminium.

The use of only the highest quality materials ensures our finished products are able to withstand to the elements and the application for which they are required.

Roofing & Rainwater Products


Never again be stuck with a leaky roof or ill-fitted guttering, drainage and rainwater products. At R&M Sheetmetal in Nowra, we supply an extensive range of roofing and rainwater products, including guttering, fascia and downpipes, as well as custom-designed, made-to-measure products such as box guttering and rainwater heads.

Australia's extreme climate and recent weather events have given new meaning to weatherproofing our homes. Our experienced staff are all locals, and with their extensive knowledge of the region, they can advise you on materials that work best in our local climate and environment, giving you peace of mind that you are using products capable of withstanding the forces of mother nature.

If you're looking for someone to install we can connect you with the local tradesmen to get your job done.

Using quality brands such as Stramit and Ampelite Polycarbonate sheeting, we have a variety of roofing solutions available. Here at R&M, we recommend Buildex fixings to create the perfect finish on your roof and guttering and stock a comprehensive range of roofing, wall screws and rivets for both timber and metal fixtures in all the latest Colorbond® colours.

Colorbond Metal Flashing, Capping & Custom Trims


Australia's challenging and often unpredictable weather conditions can range from blistering heat to extreme cold. Dust storms, wind, rain, hail, snow and the scorching sun are ubiquitous, with some regions seeing conditions change on a daily basis. Colorbond® Steel has been supplying quality metal products to Aussie households for more than 50 years.

Reputably one of the country's best suppliers and manufacturers of metal products, all their products are put through rigorous laboratory testing to analyse durability, corrosion, application susceptibility and outdoor exposure.

Available in 22 colours inspired by Australia's landscape, R&M Sheetmetal stocks the full range of Colorbond® steel in flat sheet form on coil, which means you can choose the perfect finish for your project to your detailed specification. All our flashings and trims are all made on site by our highly skilled tradesmen up to a maximum fold length of 6.0 metres.

Skylights, Insulation & Ventilation Supplies


At R&M Sheetmetal Nowra Metal Roofing, we also supply a range of skylight brands and accessories to enhance not just the beauty, but also the efficiency of your home. We are Nowra's major supplier of the world-leading VELUX roof window and skylight range, including the latest solar powered skylight.

VELUX skylights and roof windows are included in the National Energy Rating program (AccuRate), as well as state run programs such as Basix & FirstRate.

If you're looking for someone to install we can connect you with the local tradesmen to get your job done.

Abey Lightbeam Skylights will help brighten up those dull corners of your home with natural light all year round. Looking more like an expensive light fitting than a skylight, Abey Lightbeams come in a range of sizes to suit a variety of applications. Easy to install, they are a cost-efficient skylight solution.

Installing Bradford Anticon roofing blanket under your roof will enhance the performance in a number of ways, including excellent acoustic performance, reducing noise from aircraft or heavy rain. With its snug fit against the metal roofing, Anticon helps to control temperature variation, which reduces metal noise caused by sudden temperature change. Anticon also has exceptional thermal performance keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, which in turn will result in lower energy costs.

Combing Anticon roofing blanket with an Edmonds roof vent from the Windmaster or Supervent range can create even higher levels of thermal and acoustic performance and condensation control.

Abey Skylights


Bradfords Roof Blanket


    Stainless Steel Fabrication & Products


    If you are looking to create a custom stainless steel kitchen for a commercial or domestic property, R&M Sheetmetal is the fabrication business in Nowra to call.

    Stainless steel bench tops, splashbacks and sink stations are proven to be highly hygienic and can add value to your home through stylish sophistication.

    We offer a highly specialised fabrication of stainless steel kitchen and laundry benches, shelving and hoods to suit your specific requirements, décor and budget.

    Commercially, we manufacture high-grade specialised stainless steel products for any area deemed necessary for your restaurant, café or kitchen and also for hospital, operating theatres and clinical applications.

    Aluminium Fabrication


    The Aluminium Fabrication process is quite different from regular metals due to its malleable structure. This material is often extruded during the fabrication process, which involves drawing or pushing an aluminium blank through a die to create a specifically shaped finished product.

    Aluminium is a popular working material as it is highly resistant to corrosion and also lightweight. It can be processed with or without heat, but at times it can become brittle during the fabrication process. For this reason, it is recommended you gain our professional advice when designing your project.

    We offer a specialised aluminium welding and supply service onsite.

    Air Conditioning Ducting & Air Control


    At R&M Sheetmetal in Nowra, we manufacture air-conditioning ducting for both commercial and domestic applications. We work extensively with local refrigeration and air supply trades to provide them with their specialised needs. Contact us to enquire about our fabrication service.



    Our product range includes brands such as:
    • Colorbond®
    • Stramit Building products
    • Buildex
    • CSR Bradford Insulation
    • Edmonds
    • Ampelite
    • VELUX
    • Abey